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a gorgeous wall decal.

This is a very gorgeous decal. Instructions are great! Thanks for the cute birds I received with my order. If you have somebody to help you and some spare time you should definitely buy this! The coolest DIY project I have done so far!!!


gorgeous when finsihed

I was a little frustrated with the application process of the tree. I think the first piece is just too big to handle at once. Once I got the hang of it though, it was much simpler. I also think the stickiness of the transfer paper was too sticky. There were times when I did not think it would release the decal. I did some "googling" for hints & fortunately it helped. It looks fantastic & was definitely worth the effort. I definitely would do this again & think it's just gorgeous. It did NOT take me 30-50 minutes. I spread it out over 2 days because the first piece was so frustrating to me.


nice support

Answered my questions and helped me to choose the right color. I will be back for more! Thx!


tree decal

Very impressive design! Love the tree and so does every guest who comes to visit us. It took me about 40-50 minutes to do and wasn't difficult at all.



Although not easy to put on the wall (easier once we followed the included instructions), the tree is absolutely beautiful once completed on the wall. It is a piece of art in our daughter's bedroom.


Crystal Chandelier Wall Art Decal

Crystal Chandelier Wall Art Decal
Crystal Chandelier Wall Art Decal Crystal Chandelier Wall Art Decal Crystal Chandelier Wall Art Decal
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Crystal Chandelier Wall Art Decal

SIZE: 100cm*90cm


This decal is perfect for those retro lovers.

Shed a little light in those darkened corners with This Ornate Crystal Chandelier decal.

This elegant crystal chandelier is so lovely above a bed, a garden tub, or for a truly dramatic effect add it to sliding mirror doors.

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