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Size: Approx. 150*120cm   This wall sticker is about a small tree with so many red love h..
£37.2 £27.0
Size: the roses are from 4.5cm to 40cm.13 roses in total.   This wall sticker is about s..
Size: 170*110cm   Reeds are tall plants that grow in large groups in shallow water or o..
Size: 160*70cm   Roses stand for love between men and women. If you apply this wall stick..
Size: 130*120cm   This is a simple with some cute birds on it. Those who love simple thin..
Size: Approx.75*85cm   This is about green willow tree with some lovely swallow flying ar..
Size: Approx.120*65cm   I think everyone in his or her childhood has been dreaming of pla..
Size: 160*175cm   This wall decal is full of depression but mysterious atmosphere of th..
Size: 120*150cm   It is a kind of tree and flower wall decals with some trees with green ..
£31.2 £23.4
Size: 140*80cm   Would you like to travel around the whole world at home with a second? Y..
SIZE:  105cm*75cm     This map is the beginning of your World Travel. ..
£76.2 £57.0
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SIZE:  50cm*43cm     This decal is perfect for kids’ room.   When..
£27.6 £17.4
Size: 80*95cm   This wall decal is so lovely to put up onto the wall of girl's room. The ..
The size of the girl(with the chair) is 100cm tall.   This wall sticker is about a little..
Size: 140*100cm   I think lavenders are most of people's favorite flower. Its purple co..
Size: 70*50cm   This wall sticker is about two bird lovers are standing on the branch of ..
SIZE:  96cm*48cm     What would you say to your lover when you fall in love?..
£24.0 £19.2
SIZE:  57cm*27cm       It doesn’t matter where you go in life, it’s ..
Size: 200*180cm   There is a bicycle stopping near the green tree with so many fresh leav..
£49.2 £34.8
SIZE:  57cm*28cm     Life is passing buy, so seize the day?   Yes..
SIZE:  62cm*24cm     Everything will be more slowly, so just relax and calm ..
£15.6 £11.9
Size: 152*152cm     Branches with Cute Flowers and BIrds is a new design.  ..
Size: 76*83cm   This wall sticker is about so many peach blossons on the branches which i..
Size: 100*120cm   This wall sticker is about a fashionable lady who is carrying her han..
Size: 60*80cm   As we all know, hope is a good thing, and maybe the best of the things. A..
SIZE:  63cm*20cm       A smile is the best makeup any girl..
Size: one doll is about 8*14cm   This is about 15 pieces of Russian dolls stickers which ..
Size: 60*80cm   A man is parking his bike beside the road. And on the bike there are so..
Size: Approx. 105*20cm   Do you want many beautiful flowers at the border of your stairs ..
Size: Approx.140*100cm   This wall sticker belongs to the nursery category with so many l..
£37.2 £23.1
Size: Approx.110*70cm   Applying this wall decal will make your kids feel like staying in..
Size: Approx.100*90cm   Do you like cats? And do you like them to catch the mouse for you..
Tree Size: 90cm tall Lion Size: 33cm tall Giraffe Size: 41cm tall   This is a color..
£31.2 £22.8
Size: 160*80cm (you can DIY as you like)   There are so many lovely and colorful fishes..
Size: 61*75cm   This wall sticker is a kind of nursery series. There are owl familie..
Size: the big dog is 33cm wide, others please check the addtional image.   This wall stic..
Size : 100cmx100cm   This Decal is the most adorable one for your kids. Thes..
Size: 100*65cm   This wall sticker belongs to the nursery wall decals as there are some d..
Size: Approx.80*80cm   This wall sticker belongs to the nursery wall category. There are ..
Size: 100*80cm   This wall sticker is about a bicycle is stopping in the grass land, an..

tree decal

Very impressive design! Love the tree and so does every guest who comes to visit us. It took me about 40-50 minutes to do and wasn't difficult at all.


a gorgeous wall decal.

This is a very gorgeous decal. Instructions are great! Thanks for the cute birds I received with my order. If you have somebody to help you and some spare time you should definitely buy this! The coolest DIY project I have done so far!!!



Although not easy to put on the wall (easier once we followed the included instructions), the tree is absolutely beautiful once completed on the wall. It is a piece of art in our daughter's bedroom.


gorgeous when finsihed

I was a little frustrated with the application process of the tree. I think the first piece is just too big to handle at once. Once I got the hang of it though, it was much simpler. I also think the stickiness of the transfer paper was too sticky. There were times when I did not think it would release the decal. I did some "googling" for hints & fortunately it helped. It looks fantastic & was definitely worth the effort. I definitely would do this again & think it's just gorgeous. It did NOT take me 30-50 minutes. I spread it out over 2 days because the first piece was so frustrating to me.


nice support

Answered my questions and helped me to choose the right color. I will be back for more! Thx!

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