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SIZE: 71cm*56 cm   This wall quote will be a daily reminder to cherish your life and..
Size: 142*115cm     With the Photo Tree Wall Decal, you can enjoy having a beauti..
Tree Size: 250*180cm     This is the larger size, and also hot selling   ..
£81.6 £51.6
Size: 160*170cm   The most awesome baby in the world needs the most creative and nurturin..
£43.2 £27.6
Size: 80*120cm     The Decal brings you to spring.   This Decal allows..
£31.2 £22.8
SIZE: 100*100cm     The Tree of LIfe Wall Decal allows you to be creative with th..
£30.0 £22.8
SIZE:  61cm*43cm     Bob Marley’ song One Love.    It's..
  Size:152*152cm   This Tree Decal could be the perfect removable Sticker for you..
£27.6 £19.8
SIZE: 180*170cm   The Leafy Tree Wall Sticker is very fun,  you will be definitely l..
£40.8 £27.0
SIZE: 90*80cm   The Loving Tree Wall Sticker will make love full of your room.   ..
SIZE: 80*100cm   The Loving Tree Wall Sticker will make love full of your room. To com..
£27.6 £21.0
Size: 120*70cm This delightful flower brings charm and grace to any place you put it. Thi..
SIZE: 160*110 cm   These pretty paisley swirls are delicate and yet stand out. Our wal..
£37.2 £28.8
SIZE: 150cm*90cm   This decal is so charming addition to any room. This striking ..
SIZE: 100cm*90cm   This decal is perfect for those retro lovers. Shed a little light i..
£32.4 £23.4
SIZE: 64*28 cm   It’s cool. This reptile, as shown, measures approximately 25" wide by..
£16.8 £10.8
Size: 60*100cm   Retro Clock Decal is a great way to provide inspiration in any office, l..
SIZE: 60cm*132 cm   This decal is about Audrey Hepburn's charming eyes and words.&..
£36.0 £28.8
SIZE: 50cm X 70 cm   This decal is full of love. A little boy and a little girl, face ..
SIZE: 30cm*60cm   This affordable wall quote decal is ideal for any home room. It has..
SIZE: 29cm*58cm   This Wall quote Decal signifies the profound significance of the family..
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SIZE: 100cm*40cm   Family is where your story begins This Wall Quote Wall Decal i..
SIZE:71cm*33 cm   Having a place to go is a home. Having someone to love is a family. ..
SIZE: 57*33 cm   Why is reading so important? Reading transports us to other worlds, show..
Based on 1 reviews.
SIZE: 40*56cm   Our wall decals look hand painted on the wall. They come in matte finish ..
SIZE: 130*25cm   Wish your partner or loved one sweet dreams each and every night! This q..
SIZE: 25.4*57cm   You are born to stand out. Each of us are special and each are uniqu..
SIZE:  45cm*30 cm   This Wall Quote Decal is a tribute to your family.  Fa..
SIZE: 60cm*50cm   The Black Lion Totem is full of power! It is available in one c..
£18.0 £11.7

gorgeous when finsihed

I was a little frustrated with the application process of the tree. I think the first piece is just too big to handle at once. Once I got the hang of it though, it was much simpler. I also think the stickiness of the transfer paper was too sticky. There were times when I did not think it would release the decal. I did some "googling" for hints & fortunately it helped. It looks fantastic & was definitely worth the effort. I definitely would do this again & think it's just gorgeous. It did NOT take me 30-50 minutes. I spread it out over 2 days because the first piece was so frustrating to me.


a gorgeous wall decal.

This is a very gorgeous decal. Instructions are great! Thanks for the cute birds I received with my order. If you have somebody to help you and some spare time you should definitely buy this! The coolest DIY project I have done so far!!!


tree decal

Very impressive design! Love the tree and so does every guest who comes to visit us. It took me about 40-50 minutes to do and wasn't difficult at all.


nice support

Answered my questions and helped me to choose the right color. I will be back for more! Thx!



Although not easy to put on the wall (easier once we followed the included instructions), the tree is absolutely beautiful once completed on the wall. It is a piece of art in our daughter's bedroom.

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